What’s New


  • Same as 1.0.2, apart from doc and test fixes on some platforms.


  • Variadic C functions (ending in a ”...” argument) were not supported in the out-of-line ABI mode. This was a bug—there was even a (non-working) example doing exactly that!


  • ffi.set_source() crashed if passed a sources=[..] argument. Fixed by chrippa on pull request #60.
  • Issue #193: if we use a struct between the first cdef() where it is declared and another cdef() where its fields are defined, then this definition was ignored.
  • Enums were buggy if you used too many ”...” in their definition.


  • The main news item is out-of-line module generation:
  • (this page will list what is new from all versions from 1.0.0 forward.)